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Welcome to our virtual stage, where the magic of theatre comes to life. Explore our world of captivating performances, talented cast and crew, and upcoming shows that promise to transport you to new realms of imagination and emotion. Join us as we celebrate the art of storytelling, uniting audiences in the shared experience of live theatre.

Kaleidoscope: A Tapestry of Lives

Directed and co-written by Nancy castrogiovanni from December 2023

Welcome to 'Kaleidoscope: A Tapestry of Lives', where the rich and authentic tales from our multicultural cast explore the profound question: 'Who am I?'


Immerse yourself in shared laughter, personal anecdotes, and cultural revelations that unveil the intricate web of connections amidst apparent cultural differences. Within these narratives, we navigate the complexities of diverse choices, self-perceptions, and the diverse pathways that shape our lives in Prague.

Kaleidoscope: A Tapestry of Lives

Welcome Back to School

Directed and written by Nancy castrogiovanni from April 2023

Join us for a heartwarming journey as the ICP Children English Theatre Club presents "Welcome Back to School." This musical is more than just a performance; it's a celebration of unity, friendship, and the beauty of diversity.

In this lively play, children from different countries come together to share their unique musical talents. As they sing, dance, and play instruments representing their cultures, the stage becomes a vibrant mosaic of sounds and colors.

The play's central message is simple yet powerful: the importance of being together as one.

Through the catchy anthem "Welcome Back to School," the children express the joy of learning about each other's histories and cultures.

Join us for an uplifting experience that highlights the beauty of togetherness. "Welcome Back to School" is a musical journey that resonates with the idea that, despite our differences, we can create something beautiful when we come together.

Welcome Back to School a theatre play

In Time Machines – I want to live

Directed and co-written by Nancycastrogiovanni from December 2022

"In Time Machines - I want to live" is a play produced by the English Theatre Club, an initiative by the Integration Centre Prague (ICP). Integration Centre Prague was established by the Prague Municipality as an NGO to support foreigners in integrating into Czech society. This production is performed in English and is family-friendly.

What if you discovered a time machine in your basement that could take you back to your country, but in the future, specifically in 2222, 200 years from now? And what if you discovered that machines were living alongside us in the future? By time traveling, Ti and Ziana will enable us to uncover Italy, Spain, Russia, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine. The audience will be informed about the traditions and languages of these countries and imagine how they could affect future generations.

In Time Machines – I want to live a theatre play directed and co-written by Nancy
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