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About me

I am Nancy Castrogiovanni, an artist, author, and scriptwriter, with a rich foundation in both the visual and performing arts. My academic path includes a Master's in English Literature and a Bachelor's in Fine Art, where I explored the interplay of materials in sculpture and the expressive power of performance. Delving deeper, my PhD research navigated the complex narratives of exiled and foreign writers, with a focus on the works of Mircea Eliade, Milan Kundera, and Italo Calvino.

With over 18 years as a dedicated educator, I've crafted countless stories and guided many in discovering their artistic voice. In the vibrant city of Prague, I lead the 'English Theatre Club,' marrying linguistic diversity with the performing arts to celebrate our shared human experiences.

My literary debut, 'Beyond Boundaries​,' is a homage to my grandfather's remarkable life as an artist and theater director, and a canvas for my own exploration of inherited art.


At 'Starlight Theatre and Arts,' I offer workshops that inspire both the young and the young at heart, nurturing creativity through practical engagement in theater, painting, and beyond.

I am enthusiastically open to commissions and collaborative projects that seek to embody the spirit of our artistic exploration. Reach out and let's begin weaving a tapestry of unforgettable stories and experiences.


Gallery photo of nancy castrogiovanni
Gallery photo of nancy castrogiovanni
Gallery photo of nancy castrogiovanni


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