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Theatre and Arts

Starlight Theatre and Arts in Prague blossomed from a meaningful friendship and a shared artistic vision that took root two years ago at the English Theatre Club in Prague. Kamila Shodieva and I, Nancy Castrogiovanni, decided to pool our creative energies, merging our distinct artistic skills to establish a haven where creativity flourishes.

Our offerings at Starlight Theatre and Arts span a wide spectrum, embracing theatre clubs and workshops that delve into various artistic realms. Drawing from our extensive experience as teachers of art, Kamila and I bring our long artistic journeys into these workshops and clubs, ensuring a rich and nurturing environment.


Our theater clubs and workshops are open stages for everyone, whether you're a budding actor or a newcomer to the stage. They offer a welcoming environment for self-discovery and enhancing performance abilities. Designed for all ages, our sessions extend into various art forms, including painting, sculpture, and crafts like embroidery and jewelry-making. In our family workshops, parents and kids create and learn together, fostering creativity and deepening family ties.

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