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A Year of Creative Collaboration: Prague’s ICP English Theatre Club for Adults

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Prague ICP English Theatre Club for Adults



Dear Reader,

Allow me to introduce you to the extraordinary journey we embark on at Prague's ICP English Theatre Club, where we invest a full year in creating our theatrical production. Our group invites all people from all cultural and creative backgrounds to join us. Our club's heart is a vibrant and welcoming community where people of all backgrounds may come together to create something genuinely special.

Our yearly journey is a creative adventure, beginning in January and ending with a unique performance in December. Throughout the year, we engage in different aspects of theatre production, including scripting, set design, costume creation, and performance. Every month presents fresh challenges and chances for growth, enabling each member to contribute their distinct skills and viewpoints.

With this article, I would like to guide you through each phase of this process, from start to finish.

The Year-Long Journey of Creation

January to March: Strengthening Theatre Skills and Community Bonds

With winter settling in Prague, our ICP English Theatre Club kicks off its annual activities. In these months, the theatre classes for adults in Prague focus on two primary goals: enhancing our theatre skills and fostering a sense of community.

During this period, we delve into various theatre techniques and styles. Our activities involve social games and interactive exercises that improve acting skills and strengthen team dynamics.

theatre club for adults

Our sessions are designed to be educational, yet enjoyable.

Through improvisation and group tasks, we explore the nuances of performing arts. These exercises are more than just     theatre lessons;     

they’re opportunities for us to learn about each other, fostering an environment of trust and collaboration.

Alongside our in-club activities, we strengthen our bond through social meetups. Local pubs are our go-to for laid-back meetups, allowing us to connect on a personal level. Our informal interactions extend our theatrical pursuits, strengthening the bonds formed during rehearsals and enhancing our club experience.

April to June: Developing Scripts Centered on a Chosen Motif

Spring brings blossoms and a new focus for the ICP English Theatre Club: scriptwriting. In April, we come to a collective agreement on a specific subject that will significantly shape our December performance. In the upcoming months, this subject will provide us with guidance and direction for our scriptwriting.

These sessions aim to enhance scriptwriting skills with focused workshops. The workshops aim to help every club member, regardless of their prior experience, in crafting a story. The aim is for everyone to create a 10 to 20-minute script that effectively captures our agreed-upon motif.

ICP English Theatre Club for learning and creativity

Learning and creativity drive our club during this period.

The diverse viewpoints of our members enhance our exploration of the central theme.

We are dedicated to a mutual process of criticism and feedback, improving our writing abilities while strengthening our collective understanding of the subject.

As we reach the end of June, each member will have developed a script that displays their unique style in line with our collective motif. The individual scripts will serve as the basis for our unified theatre manuscript, which will be completed during the summer break.

Summer Break: Maintaining Momentum in Artistic Collaboration

Despite the summer break, our adult theatre classes in Prague thrive online through artistic dialogue and collaboration. The WhatsApp group we have turns into a crucial platform for ongoing communication, where members actively exchange ideas, thoughts, and suggestions, keeping the creative momentum alive.

spring script

In this period, we not only refine the spring scripts but also start envisioning other crucial performance elements.

Members start thinking about the best music and costumes to portray their characters and improve the narrative.

This process includes sharing music that aligns with the themes of their scripts and discussing costume ideas that capture the essence of their roles.

These discussions are essential for our production as they bring an additional layer of depth and coherence.

My involvement as the coordinator intensifies during these months. My role involves uniting the diverse ideas and contributions of our members to create a cohesive and compelling story.

Careful consideration of every element, from script nuances to music and costume choices, is necessary to ensure alignment with our December performance’s vision.

This summer period, therefore, becomes a crucial time for creative exploration and decision-making, setting the stage for the intensive rehearsals and final touches that will follow in the autumn.

This summer period, therefore, becomes a crucial time for creative exploration and decision-making, setting the stage for the intensive rehearsals and final touches that will follow in the autumn.

September to December: Final Stages of Preparation

With the changing leaves of autumn, the ICP English Theatre Club comes together once again, focused on achieving our year's goals. This period, spanning from September to December, offers both challenges and invigorating experiences.

Our rehearsals go beyond memorizing lines. Each member is responsible for embodying their character fully, resulting in an authentic portrayal.

theatre workshop rehearsal

In November, our rehearsals ramp up as we meet more often to perfect every aspect of our performance.

This involves completing costumes, integrating the selected music, and perfecting stage choreography.

Now is the time to pay meticulous attention to detail and bring our scripts to life with precision and depth.

Our efforts will be revealed by December. The stage is where creativity, collaboration, and dedication come together.

Reflecting on Our Year at the ICP English Theatre Club

As we wrap up another year at the ICP English Theatre Club, it’s uplifting to reminisce about our journey. This experience exemplifies the dedication, creativity, and collaboration that drive theatre. Our club offers much more than just a place for performing arts.

Each performance we’ve organized is more than just an event. These productions demonstrate the power of collaboration, where each member’s contribution is vital to our success.

If you enjoyed this glimpse into our world at the ICP English Theatre Club, take a look at my earlier articles. They provide a more comprehensive exploration of our club’s activities and the unforgettable moments we’ve had together. Let’s celebrate creativity and community in theatre together.

Your Companion in Creativity,

Nancy Castrogiovanni

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