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Creative Games to Play with Kids at Home: A Month-Long Guide

Updated: Mar 21

Dear Reader,

As we embrace the chilly days of January, often associated with quiet and reflection, it becomes evident that this season offers a golden opportunity for families to come together, share warmth, and dive into creative indoor activities. These games are not just about having fun; they are avenues for enriching experiences and valuable learning opportunities for children. With each game designed to ignite imagination and develop a range of skills, let's delve into a weekly schedule filled with interactive and enjoyable games to brighten up the cold January days.

story in a bag

Week 1: "Story in a Bag"


  • Paper bags.

  • A variety of small, intriguing objects (e.g., a toy car, a seashell, a kitchen spoon, a key, a small plush toy).

How to Play:

  1. Collect assorted objects and distribute different items into each bag.

  2. Each child selects a bag randomly.

  3. They draw an item and weave a story around it, either in writing or orally.

This game encourages children to exercise their creativity by creating narratives using random objects. It offers an excellent opportunity for storytelling and imagination, fostering essential skills in creative writing. Younger children can enhance their language abilities through this game, while older kids can challenge themselves with more complex storylines.

treasure hunt

Week 2: "Indoor Treasure Hunt"


  • Small prizes or treats.

  • Paper and pens for writing clues.

How to Play:

  1. Hide the prizes in various house locations.

  2. Create clues with varying difficulty based on the children's ages.

  3. Begin with the first clue, leading to subsequent ones and finally to the prize.

The treasure hunt enhances problem-solving abilities and interpretation skills. It's a captivating indoor adventure that prompts children to think critically and follow directions. For parents, devising clues can be a delightful challenge, allowing them to develop puzzles that range from simple riddles to map-reading tasks. This game engages both physical and mental faculties.

build your own board game

Week 3: "Build Your Own Board Game"


  • Cardboard or large sheets of paper.

  • Markers, crayons, or paint.

  • Small objects (coins, pebbles) for game pieces.

  • Dice.

How to Play:

  1. Children design their game boards, drawing paths and spaces.

  2. They establish rules for their games.

  3. The family plays each game upon completion.

This activity is excellent for promoting creativity, strategic thinking, and an understanding of game design. Children learn the importance of rules and the art of creating a balanced and enjoyable game. It also provides a chance for parents to teach values such as sharing and sportsmanship. The act of creating their own games instills a sense of ownership and pride in the children.

Week 4: "Family Art Gallery"


  • Various art supplies (paints, markers, crayons, collage materials).

  • Papers or canvases.

  • Tape or pins for displaying art.

How to Play:

  1. Each family member creates their piece of art.

  2. Designate a space as a gallery.

  3. Conduct an exhibition where each artist discusses their work.

Engaging in this gallery activity promotes artistic expression and boosts confidence in presenting one's creations. It allows children to express emotions and ideas through art, offering insights into their perspectives. Parents can seize this moment for educational discussions about art concepts and techniques. The activity becomes a celebration of each family member's unique talents and viewpoints.

new year memory vault

Week 5: "New Year's Memory Vault: A Family Time Capsule"


  • A sturdy container.

  • Paper and pens.

  • Personal keepsakes and mementos.

How to Play:

  1. Select items that symbolize the current year or memorable moments.

  2. Write letters to your future selves.

  3. Make sure the capsule is tightly sealed and store it away until January of next year.

Creating a time capsule is a heartfelt way to capture and cherish family memories. When reopened, it offers a nostalgic journey into the past and encourages personal reflection. This activity holds the potential to become a cherished family tradition, providing a tangible connection to shared experiences.

To conclude, these home-based games offer a delightful mix of amusement, education, and family bonding. They are designed to appeal to a broad spectrum of interests and developmental stages, ensuring that each child finds something that is both enjoyable and enriching. As you embark on these activities, remember that each moment of togetherness and creativity is a step towards nurturing happy, well-rounded children.

Your Companion in Creativity,

Nancy Castrogiovanni

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