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Welcome to Nancy Castrogiovanni's Creative Realm

Nancy Castrogiovanni Autor and Actor

Welcome to the world of Nancy Castrogiovanni, a multidisciplinary artist who merges the boundaries of art and narrative.


Whether it’s through the pages of my novel, the curves of my sculptures, or the spotlight of the stage, my art is an emotional journey that takes the audience on a ride through life’s ups and downs.


I believe that art has the power to change lives, transform perspectives, and inspire people to see the world in a new light. Come be a part of this adventure and discover the magic of art and narrative.

  • Captivating Books & Scripts

  • Compelling Acting

  • Expressive Art Works

Beyond boundries A book by Nancy
Theatre workshop


Gallery photo of nancy castrogiovanni
Gallery photo of nancy castrogiovanni
Gallery photo of nancy castrogiovanni
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Inspired Testimonials

The experience with the club was always one of the most rewarding time with me and dears.It brought me a lot of happiness and joy as well power to speak out and make the best of our times as well understanding better multiculturalism and what unites us all in this theatrical journey but also in real life ,interesting projects and people to meet that reveal themselves authentically though this path

Manuela Shefketova

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