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On Stage and Beyond: Michelle's Experience at ICP English Theatre Club

Michelle's Experience at ICP English Theatre Club

Meet Michelle, a member of the ICP English Theatre Club, whose life journey from Mississippi to Prague is as captivating as her performances on stage. In this interview, Michelle shares her experiences going from the military to her current role in theatre and community building in Prague.

Q: Can you tell us about your early life and your time in the military?

A: I grew up in Jackson, Mississippi, and spent 18 years there before joining the Air Force. I've lived in various places, from Texas to the United Kingdom, and even Alaska, each offering new adventures and challenges.


Q: What sparked your interest in travel and different cultures?

A: My love for reading, especially mystery books and historical novels, ignited my desire to see the world. I was inspired by my teachers and always dreamed of exploring places that I read about, like the mysterious landscapes of England and the adventurous frontiers of Alaska.


Q: How did you end up moving to Prague?

A: After my military career, I lived in Alaska for a while. Eventually, my husband and I moved to Oregon, and later to Prague, to be closer to his family in Europe. It's funny how life takes you places you never expected.


Q: What inspired you to join the ICP English Theatre Club?

A: Moving to Prague was a big transition, especially dealing with the language barrier. I felt quite isolated initially. When I saw a poster for the English-speaking theatre club, I saw it as an opportunity to meet people, connect, and engage with the community through my love for theater.


Q: Can you share a memorable experience you've had with the theater club?

A: One of my most memorable moments was performing at the Open Doors theatre event with ICP. Despite being nervous, the support and encouragement from our director and club members helped me overcome my fears and really enjoy the experience.


Q: How has being part of the theatre club impacted your life?

A: It's been transformative. Theatre has allowed me to explore different aspects of myself and understand others better. It's a powerful platform for expression and connection, helping me feel less like an outsider and more a part of a community.


Q: What are your future aspirations in theatre?

A: I'm looking forward to becoming more involved, perhaps taking on more roles and helping others tell their stories. I want to use theatre as a way to bridge cultural gaps and bring people together.


Q: Finally, what advice would you give to someone looking to join a theatre club?

A: Go for it! Be open to new experiences and be ready to contribute. Theatre is a wonderful way to learn about yourself and others. It's about more than just acting; it's about building relationships and growing as a person.


Michelle’s story demonstrates the power of the arts to unite and empower individuals and communities. Her story is a testament to the impact that embracing new experiences and communities can have on an individual's life.

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